Photo of a white androgynous person with short dark hair, pictured on a sand beach, in their wheelchair. They wear black leather clothes and peacefully gaze away from the camera. Text in shades of dark red and orange reads: Wellspring 2023 - Writers' Blog. Jesse Stone. Bottom: company logos of Vital Xposure, Bush Theatre, Paines Plough, Soho Theatre, Theatre503, Arts Council England, City Bridge Trust and National Lottery Community Fund.

Hi, I’m Jesse and I’m a queer crip writer with a passion for telling authentic, complex and joyful stories about trans and disabled people.

Through Wellspring, I am developing a play about queer crip sex and relationships, navigating kink in a world that sees disabled bodies as weak, monstrous or medicalised, and coming to terms with physical illness as a transmasculine person.

When I became disabled, I looked everywhere for representations of trans disabled people having a hot, empowering sex, and I found almost nothing; so this is my love letter to everyone with a non-normative bodymind who is redefining what sex, power and community means to them and, in doing so, expanding what is possible for everyone; regardless of gender, sexuality or ability.

I am really excited about how theatre is evolving to include a more diverse spectrum of voices, especially after a classical theatre training a decade ago, where old white men were heralded as the source of all knowledge. I hope to see more and more of this, as well as adequate funding for the arts, and more robust safeguarding practices and mental health support for creatives.

When I took a break from writing for theatre five years ago, I was feeling disillusioned and downtrodden. Being part of the Wellspring cohort has completely changed that for me; reigniting my lifelong passion for theatre and giving me the confidence I need to tell the stories that matter to me most – stories that have been growing beneath the surface of my skin for many years. I have particularly enjoyed connecting with, and learning from, other disabled writers; both through community with Wellspring participants, and through workshops with more established disabled theatre-makers. Their wisdom and expertise has been invaluable and I feel honoured to be in conversation with them.

Jesse Stone (they / them), Wellspring Writer 2023 – 2024

Jesse is crawling back to theatre after a long hiatus because they have a story to tell. Under a different name, they wrote a one-person show about a sex role play, a two-hander about a nude photograph leaked online and a site-specific play about lesbian witches.

Instagram: @dantegayboyrossetti